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   Guiding Young Men to Responsible Adulthood and Sustainable Recovery                           Toll Free (866) 436-4458  Office (435) 836-2272


Legacy Outdoor Adventures is a treatment center program for young adult males.  We use a unique blend of treatment center programming, adventure therapy, and wilderness to support us in guiding clients on a journey of self-discovery, healthy recovery, and personal growth.

Clients We Serve

rehab programs for young adults

The Legacy experience is designed to help each young man begin the deliberate journey to manhood by creating the structure, mentoring and inspiration to allow him to envision the man he wants to be.

We specialize in working with young adult males 18 - 35.   We work well with clients who:

  • Are struggling to complete the transition to adulthood
  • Are challenged by emotional and behavioral issues
  • Have substance abuse issues
  • Lack self-confidence or sense of purpose
  • Have a fear of failure
  • Have social anxiety
  • Struggle with lack of motivation
  • Or have a combination of these and other issues 


wilderness therapy programs

At Legacy, we believe that healthy recovery goes beyond overcoming substance abuse; it is the process of envisioning and embracing a life of purpose and intention.  The wilderness experience effectively serves to move clients through the process of accepting that they have a problem with substances, acknowledging that help is available if they seek it, and cultivating a desire for sobriety.  

At Legacy:

  • Substance abuse issues and any underlying mental health issues are treated simultaneously
  • Each client works with both a Licensed Therapist and a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Multiple research-tested treatment methods enrich a traditional 12-step foundation
  • Each client is assigned a mentor who is in recovery and modeling a healthy lifestyle

Clinical Expertise

troubled youth treatment programs

Legacy Treatment Center is a highly respected treatment program that provides an intermediate level of mental health and substance abuse treatment.  

We utilize:

  • 8 hours of indivudal and group therapy every week with a licensed  therapist
  • 22 hours of milieu/psycho-educational groups
  • Evidence-based clinical practices
  • Neurological science of change 
  • Objective measures to track client change 
  • Family involvement on the treatment team
  • Active client involvement on the treatment team

We work with many insurances

Legacy Treatment Center is licensed by the State of Utah as a provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment.  Many insurance companies will cover part of the cost of Legacy Treatment Center for medically necessary treatment.

 Licensed by the Utah Department of Human Services

Trusted Wilderness Therapy Programs



  • Gilbert Hallows is one of the most experienced wilderness professionals in the field.  He brings a depth of knowledge regarding outdoor behavioral health and has been a pioneer in shaping the industry.  He has been involved with national legislation, safety regulations, and program development.  In addition, Gil has integrity, vision, and an incredible spirit.  He has put a team of experienced professionals together to launch Legacy Outdoor Adventure. This program will help young men launch into adulthood and restore families.  I’m often asked by clients:  “Would you send your family member there”?  The answer is absolutely with confidence!  
    Kelly Ryan, LMFT - GPS Family Consulting, LLC

  • “I have been extensively involved in wilderness therapy for well over two decades and have served as the Medical Director for a number of programs.  I have worked with the founders of Legacy Outdoor Adventures for much of that time and have full confidence in their expertise in the field of wilderness therapy and their ability to operate a safe and effective program. “
    Dr. Keith Hooker - MD

  • The staff of LOA are professional, with a wealth of experience, competence, expertise, and heart. Student’s harmful behaviors are rooted out, healed, and replaced with self confidence and self actualization that will last a lifetime.
    Beth, a mother from New Jersey


Our Approach

Legacy is a small owner-operated company founded by leaders in the field of wilderness therapy.  We are committed to research, and set the standard for  safety in the outdoors.

Our program features:

  1. Structured mentoring by experienced field guides
  2. Effective wilderness strategies
  3. Adventure therapy to engage clients
  4. An individualized Life Success Plan 
  5. Highest staff to student ratio
  6. Beautiful course area

Legacy is a highly respected Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) program that provides an intermediate level of mental health and substance abuse treatment



Member program of OBH 

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council

The Legacy Way of Being 

A Heart at Peace

A Life of Recovery

Honorable Manhood

Self Awareness

Guiding Principles



Strengths Based/Resiliency





Responsible Adulthood  


Proud Partner with the non-profit 501c(3) organization The Loa Fund

LOA Fund, cost effective treatment for troubled teens



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