About Us & Our Purpose::

There are many out there who offer education services.  However too many of these sites are research centers and do not have much practical experience turning research into practices that really work.  We are experienced in treatment.  Our methods are based on experience of what works.  Here are some of our unique features:
  • We have licensed marriage and family therapist who provide the training. 
  • We have certified family life educators who provide the training, not just someone - who attended a one/two day training. 
  • We have experience teaching online in the webinar format. 
  • We use empirical based programs (PREP & RELATE) and are experienced at teaching these programs. 
  • We are experts in dealing with the situations our clients are currently dealing with, namely:
  • Parents with an adolescent in wilderness or residential treatment
  • Rural couples that have limited resources in their local area.
  • We also work with unique issues for south central Utah communities. 

Troy Faddis

Troy is a Licensed Marriageand Family Therapist in the state of Utah. He has been teaching marriage and family enrichment classes for over ten years.  Troy has been teaching PREP and using RELATE with clients since 1998.  Troy has been presenting online family assessment reviews and classes for over three years.  Troy is the clinical director for a wilderness therapyprogram in south central UtahTroy is a certified family life educator (learn more).  Troy has been serving on the Utah Association for Marriage and Family Therapy board since 2004. You can see an article, quoting Troy and his work in the October 2008 issue of Goodhousekeeping.

Aaron Shaw

Aaron has a PH.D from Brigham Young University.  Aaron specializes in gaming and online addiction.  Aaron publishes a weekly video game reviewpod cast and blog.  Aaron evaluates games for their playability, addictive nature,and content.  Aaron works as a therapist for a wilderness therapy programin south central Utah. Aaron has been working with difficult adolescents and their families since 2001. Aaron has been recently quoted in US News and World Report for his work with gaming addictions.  

    Jacob Christenson
Jacob has a PH.D In Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University. Jacob specializes in marriage and adolescence.  

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