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Option One:  RELATE & PREP Together ($245) – Recommended!
Each partner takes RELATE online and then the couple reviews the generic results as a class.  Protective factors and risk are discussed.  Then Webinar based live PREP education with a certified instructor.  PREP involves 6 hours of education in two hour blocks.  RELATE and PREP should be completed within 4 weeks or less. 

Option Two: RELATE ($75) -
Each partner takes RELATE online and then the couple reviews the results with an educator for 60 minuets.  Follow up sessions can be available for a rate of $60 an hour, billed by the quarter hour.  

Option Three: PREP ($200) –
Webinar based live PREP education with a certified instructor.  PREP involves 6 hours of education in two hour blocks.  PREP should be completed within 3 weeks.  

Single Session Webinars: ($75 each class)  topics: family communication, drug and alcohol misuse, adolescent development, behavioral contracting, and spectrum of care for troubled teens.

Other Cost:

Of course you will have to have a computer with an internet connection.  The quality of the presentation will be related to your internet and computer speeds.  You will also need a phone line to call into the conference line while you are on the computer (unless you have a microphone and speakers hooked up and your internet connection is fast).  You and your partner will need to be able to see and hear the presentation at the same time. 

We use Free Conference Call for the conference call portion for webinars.  Normal long distance phone charges will apply.  Individual phone calls are also long distance calls. 


What is RELATE and PREP?  

Our goal is to help strengthen marriages, particularly when the marriage has come under the stress of difficult parenting. We help in the following ways:

RELATE RELATE is the most comprehensive premarital/marital assessment available. RELATE was designed for use with individuals or couples who are single and unattached, steady dating, engaged, cohabiting, married, or contemplating remarriage. Tens of thousands of couples and individuals have benefited from these questionnaires during the past 20 years.

In an educational environment

Educators can use the questionnaires with any class size. Professors report best results when students complete RELATE with a romantic partner or with a friend. The reports can be used to study the multifaceted nature of intimate relationships and to provide personal experience with those values and expectations students bring into their personal relationships.

PREP - (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) is one of the most comprehensive and well respected divorce-prevention/marriage enhancing programs in the world. PREP is a skills and principles-building curriculum designed to help partners say what they need to say, get to the heart of problems, and increase their connection with each other.

PREP is education, not therapy. Most of us learned to read with the help of a teacher. We took tennis lessons, piano lessons or at least watched a t.v. show on how to remodel the bathroom before digging in. But when it comes to loving relationships, we just assume we’ll know how to do it. The fact is that most of us didn’t learn relationship skills in a direct manner from qualified sources. Most of us simply picked up bits of information from people who had good intentions, but lacked expertise. Worse, some passed on advice that was downright wrong.

When it comes to loving the most important people in our lives, no one can ever learn too much. Research shows that while therapy can be extremely helpful in certain situations, much of what goes wrong in loving relationships has much to do with never having learned the skills and principles associated with successful relationships. That's why we developed an educational program to teach couples the skills and principles they need to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship.

PREP is for couples who want to make their marriage be the best it can be. It doesn't matter whether you have a newfound love, you're gritting your teeth as your teen gets his license, or your youngest has left you with an empty nest. PREP offers you the chance to discover how to enjoy your marriage no matter where you are today or what tomorrow may bring. Those with more serious problems should read: Getting More Help When There are Serious Problems

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