Our Purpose:

We help marriages that are under the stress of a difficult teen.  

Those of us who work on this site also work with teens and their families.  The impossible teen is something we are great at.  However our love is also doing marriage work. That is why we have made this site: 1) to work with marriages that have come under the strain of difficult parenting and 2) to provide education to those working with a local therapist: including our own clients.

Our Goal is to bring you the best information to help make your marriage and family the best it can be!  

Most of what we provide is free!  Unfortunately most that look for this type of information are beyond what psycho-education can provide alone.  Our goal is to provide powerful ideas and resources to help shape your perspective and increase motivation.  You will most likely need face to face therapy with a good Marriage and Family Therapist to deal with serious issues and help you integrate what you learn here.  We also hope to give you support, however the support of local people who are with you can not be replaced by the education we offer. 

This site's purpose:

Our goal is to help strengthen marriages, particularly when the marriage has come under the stress of difficult parenting. We help in the following ways:

1)  Free information regarding the best research about strong marriages and how to help navigate parenting.  Our first focus is on marriage.   

2)  Discussion about marriage and parenting topics thought blogs and podcast; giving you reviews on articles, books, techniques, and classes.

3)  The most effective marriage class available, taught online for convenience and accessibility (We currently teach PREP and use the marriage assessment RELATE ).  Individual parenting curriculum is also available.

4)  A library room with links to books and articles, so that you can follow along and participate in our discussions.